Ubaxa Caasimada (UC) is a non-profit and non-governmental local Somali youth network and civil society organization that took the will of restoring peace, security, human rights, gender equality, democracy, good governance, and development in Somalia especially in Mogadishu capital city through established and moral values driven active local youth networks that act positively and address social, economical and political challenges that affect the public population of Mogadishu city. UC local youth network is formed by local Somali youths who are determined to join their strength and efforts to become the drivers of real change for Mogadishu residents and the Somali people at large. The UC youth network is registered with Benadir Regional Administration (BRA) Mogadishu Municipality, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Planning and International cooperation of the Somalia federal government. UC is run with voluntary services and inputs from Somali Local youth and supports from the BRA, Somali Police Force, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Office of the Somalia Prime Minister, Mogadishu Municipality local government and ForumSYD. The commencement of UC came at a time when there was need to harness the efforts of youth in designing the future society of their cities through youth driven initiatives. So far, UC successfully carried out different activities in Mogadishu capital city that draw the attention of many including the Somali federal government leadership, BRA, Mogadishu local government, Mogadishu local business community, Somali Diaspora, the Somali public at large.

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Ubaxa Caasimada is a multi-award wining local youths led civil society organization and youths volunteer networks based in Mogadishu, Somalia