Ubaxa Caasimada (UC) is a non-profit and non-governmental local Somali youths led civil society organization and youths volunteer networks that is currently based in Mogadishu, UC is formed on the year 2016 and took the will of restoring peace, security, human rights, gender equality, democracy, good governance, and development in Somalia especially in Mogadishu capital city through a well established and moral values driven active local youths networks that act positively and address social, economical and political challenges that affect the people of Mogadishu city. Ubaxa Caasimada is formed by local Somali youths who are determined to join their strength and efforts to become the drivers of real change for Mogadishu communities and the Somali people at large. The UC is registered with Banadir Regional Administration (BRA), Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Planning and International cooperation of the Somalia’s federal government. UC was first established with Mogadishu youths led volunteer initiatives which includes;- Mogadishu streets greenery, street paintings and beautification, sports for peace and development (Mogadishu Peace Appearance Tournament), and arts and culture (Mogadishu Entertainment Night). The commencement of UC came at a time when there was need to harness the efforts of youths in designing the future societies and appearance of their cities through youths driven volunteer initiatives. So far, UC has successfully carried out different activities in Mogadishu capital city that draw the attention of many including the Somali federal government’s top leaderships, BRA, Mogadishu local government, Mogadishu local business community,  Somali Diaspora, International partners, the Somali public at large and maintain a very high reputation within the Mogadishu people, especially the Mogadishu youths.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower the Somali local youths in order to bring about lasting peace, sustainable development and positive social transformation while focusing on equity, justice, human rights, democracy and good governance.

Our Vision 

Our vision is to position the Somali local youth as drivers of real change for the success of Somalia.  

Our Goals

  1. Promote the Somali local youths attitudes, knowledge and practices towards how we can together work on to realize the future of our country-Somalia as a very peaceful and successful nation.
  2. Encourage the Somali local youths to utilize their experiences, strength, human capital and efforts in building our own country.
  3. Encourage and promote youths led volunteer participations in social cohesion development and public works.
  4. Lay foundations for youth’s workforce collaboration and team work.
  5. Countering elements of violent extremism’s online messaging narratives through awareness. 
  6. Minimize armed violence, crime, drug and substance abuse through youths led engagements in positive activities.
  7. Mobilize resources from national and international entities to fund our youths led initiatives.
  8. Promote sports for peace and development (Mogadishu Peace Appearance Tournaments) which is an annual sport tournament participated by 17 districts of Mogadishu capital city.
  9. Establish Somalia youths organizations umbrella and youths monthly cluster meetings.

Our specific objectives derived from the above broad goals

  1. Bring together and connect the Somali local youths in order to reinforce the common good.
  2. Promote ownership, team work, respect, responsibility and trust among the Somali local youths.
  3. Build a hard working and positive Somalia young generations while promoting youths engagements in voluntary in public works.
  4. Countering (answering) to violent extremisms and armed violence through open discussion forums, sport tournaments and true stories.
  5. Reviving Mogadishu city appearance and restoring to its position in the competitive global cities through Mogadishu youths led peace building and volunteer activities. 

Our guiding principles



Team work and collaboration





Our Core Values

Our values are based on

  • Integrity and accountability
  • Equality and justice 

“No one person in Mogadishu must be in want of help to find positive, interactive, open and peaceful society. And nobody who wishes to be integrated into Mogadishu must be in want of help to do so. We need to position Ubaxa Caasimada to be the best local youth organization to find real answers to the challenges surrounding the social development/integration and lasting peace in Mogadishu”