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Safarka Nabadda Program Impact Stories

Case Study A Case study on the general Safarka Nabadda activities in Liido Beach Abdi Muridi Ajakis is a very popular comedian in Mogadishu and a Universal TV weekly program show host which is locally known as the “Faaliyaha Qaranka” (The Nation Sorcerer). Mr. Abdi’s participation in the Safarka Nabadda activity at Liido beach was [...]

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Mogadishu Entertainment Night (Peace building through arts, poetry and culture theater performance)

1. Background Mogadishu  Entertainment  Night is  a  monthly  night  initiated  by  the  Mogadishu  local youth, which is led and organized by Ubaxa Caasimada (UC) youths led civil society organization and youth volunteer networks. The first time to manner Mogadishu Entertainment Night was April 2018, which make the initiative four months old with four successful Mogadishu [...]

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Mogadishu Youth Integration and Entertainments At Liido Beach

TEME: Promoting and strengthening sustainable peace through entertainment and integration for youths from Mogadishu town and its IDP camps "Peace building through youth’s integration and engagements in sports and entertainments" Executive summary of the Project Mogadishu city has long been trapped in civil conflicts, social moral breakdown, lawlessness, anarchy and is latter followed by violent [...]

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Awareness raising campaign for the participation of youths in the interim federal constitution review process

Introduction   Somalia is overcoming decades of lawlessness, conflicts and social instability which affected the common moral obligations of citizens, equality, human rights, freedom of expression and lack of political inclusion for the communities in Mogadishu, especially the youths. The Somali youths who are approximately 75% of the total population have always been locked out [...]

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Speak Up Forum For The Youths in Mogadishu

Background Speak Up forum was the first of its kind to commence in Mogadishu, the forum facilitated and sponsored by UC and ForumSYD respectively; it was participated by all community groups with especial regard for young Mogadishu generation. Over 300 participants from different neighborhoods in Mogadishu have participated the event. The event was also broadcasted [...]

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Empowering Badbaado IDP camp’s youths in Mogadishu through six days volunteer camp sanitation exercise

"Peace building through youths engagements in positive volunteer activities" Ubaxa Caasimada launched three days mobilization campaign in three IDP camps in Mogadishu to sensitize IDP youths on positive volunteer activities that includes six days IDP camps volunteer cleaning led by the IDP youths. On Monday 12nd August which also marks the International #IYD2019, Ubaxa Caasimada [...]

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Activity: Three days awareness mobilization campaign in three IDP camps in Mogadishu Activity Date: 5th 6th and 7th of July 2019 Reporting period: 01/07/2019

Campaign background: Three days outreach campaign and mobilization of communities (youths) from three IDP camps in Mogadishu was organized by UC team in order to carry 6 days IDP youths led cleaning volunteer activities in their respective IDP camps. Campaign planning UC carried field assessment visits at three IDP camps in Mogadishu before launching the [...]

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Mobilizing financial support for the Somali National Army Disability Group (SNADG) and acting as their linkage to local and international donor individuals and groups

On 9th June 2018. Ubaxa Caasimada facilitated cash distribution and Iftar to 110 beneficiaries of the disabled Somali National Army at the Somali National Army disability center (Martini) in Mogadishu, Somalia. The first Somali female pilot Miss Asli has donated this money to the Somali National Disabled Army through Ubaxa Caasimada local youth led civil [...]

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Promoting and strengthening city public and security personnel trust and relationships for mutual cooperation

On 7th June 2018, Ubaxa Caasimada facilitated cash distribution to 200 Mogadishu city security stabilisation army that was donated by the North America Somali Diaspora Committee through the Ubaxa Caasimada civil society organization based in Mogadishu, Somalia. This comes after Ubaxa Caasimada proposed the initiative to North America Somali Diaspora Committee in a bid to [...]

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Ubaxa Caasimada Organizational SWOT Discussion Workshop

Training background: One (1) days discussion workshop was organized by UC for 25 participants (12 male and 13 female) to discuss on the organizational SWOT of UC, a youth led civil society organization that is required to meet national and international basic organizational standard and the capacities to successfully meet its mandate and civil society [...]

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