“Peace building through youths engagements in positive volunteer activities”

Ubaxa Caasimada launched three days mobilization campaign in three IDP camps in Mogadishu to sensitize IDP youths on positive volunteer activities that includes six days IDP camps volunteer cleaning led by the IDP youths.

On Monday 12nd August which also marks the International #IYD2019, Ubaxa Caasimada kick started its six days of IDP youths led volunteer cleaning exercise at Badbaado IDP camp in Mogadishu to commemorate the #IYD2019 week with youth engagements in positive activities thus promoting peace and social cohesion.

The main objective of the IDP youths led volunteer cleaning activities in their own camps is to promote and empower the local youths with self respect, ownerships and responsibilities for the wellbeing of their communities.

Ubaxa Caasimada’s team and the IDP youths joint engagements in positive volunteer activities is part of our #SafarkaNabadda (Peace Journey) initiative  which its main objective is to build a very peaceful, cooperative and responsible communities in both the IDPs and Mogadishu host community.

During the IDP youths led volunteer cleaning exercises, Ubaxa Caasimada role is to encourage the IDP youths and facilitate the logistical requirements for undertaking the IDP camps cleaness.

A detailed report encompassing the impact of the IDP youths led volunteer cleaning activities, challenges, lessons learnt, and recommendations will be published here on Ubaxa Caasimada website soon after the end of the six days IDP youths led volunteer IDP camps cleaning exercises.

“Youths engagements in positive volunteer activities promotes peace and builds social cohesion”