1. Background

Mogadishu  Entertainment  Night is  a  monthly  night  initiated  by  the  Mogadishu  local youth, which is led and organized by Ubaxa Caasimada (UC) youths led civil society organization and youth volunteer networks. The first time to manner Mogadishu Entertainment Night was April 2018, which make the initiative four months old with four successful Mogadishu entertainment night  events  witnessed by  the  target  participants  and the  people  of Mogadishu at  large.  The night brings youth from all of the 17 districts of Mogadishu together in order to sing, dance, laugh and play music while also having sessions to discuss the role of the  youth in peace  building and preventing and countering violent extremism elements within and outside our communities.

Currently,  only UC youth networks and  members  contribute to the  cost  of the  facilitation which includes venue rent, refreshments and snacks for the participants, incentives for music team, media coverage  and camera crew cost, the contribution from UC team led youth networks has managed to organize Mogadishu entertainment night with a participation capacity  of 150 to 300, however UC  wishes to mobilize external funds which is vital for  realizing the 1000  target

2. Specific Objectives

  1. Promote youth centered approaches to sustainable peace building in Somalia
  2. Emphasize the role of youth in preventing and countering violent extremism through awareness raising campaign
  3. Strengthen youths engagements in positive activities
  4. Promote  gender  equality  among  the  local  youth  with  especial  focus  to  girls active participation
  5. Increase youths led theater performances on arts, culture, poetry and reduce armed violence, crimes and youths radicalization through youths engagements and entertainments
  6. Establish youth led and owned events, forums, platforms, initiatives and spaces that  will  help  the  youth  to  interact,  share  responsibilities,  identify  their  rights, participate  in  policy  making  and  hold  duty  bearer  accountable  to  rights  share- holders.
  7. Encourage performance competition on arts, poetry, traditional dance and culture among Mogadishu local youths