TEME: Promoting and strengthening sustainable peace through entertainment and integration for youths from Mogadishu town and its IDP camps

“Peace building through youth’s integration and engagements in sports and entertainments”

  1. Executive summary of the Project

Mogadishu city has long been trapped in civil conflicts, social moral breakdown, lawlessness, anarchy and is latter followed by violent extremism. The violent extremism remains one of the biggest threats facing the safety and social wellbeing of Mogadishu people including Mogadishu IDP communities.

Violent extremist has been terrorizing the people of Mogadishu for more than a decade by subjecting unlawful tax, intimidation, extrajudicial killing and radicalization of their own youths without any viable actions to counter and prevent their elements of online violent extremism narratives thus giving them the a safe space to maximize their online ideology presence at every neighborhood of Mogadishu city.

The only approach the FGS and its international partners applied in order to counter and prevent the violent extremism is through military interventions and without any grass roots community driven counter preventive approaches and as well the lack of general community mobilization and awareness raising thus making the survival of violent extremisms within the community level to still remain a whole.

Ubaxa Caasimada in partnerships with Albany Associates have launched a Local Voices/Safarka Nabadda Project in Mogadishu which has brought the vulnerable communities in Mogadishu city and IDP camps on board the programs and initiatives to prevent and counter the online violent extremism narratives through online media counter messaging activities, communities awareness raising, youths engagements in positive volunteer works, sports for peace, entertainments and youths integrations.

  1. What is your assessment of the activity so far?

The activity which targeted vulnerable youths from Mogadishu city and Mogadishu IDP camps was conducted at Liido beach in Mogadishu and was participated by hundreds of youths both boys and girls.

UC hired the best comedian of Mogadishu; Mr Ajakis who is a recipient of 2019 Somali Awards for his outstanding comedy, Ajakis was hired to entertain the spectators (audience) through peace building comedy messages. UC also hired one of the best motivational speakers and life coach, Mr Noor Jimale to deliver peace building and youth’s workforce collaboration messages to the very big audience who have participated the Safarka Nabadda activities in Liido beach.

Different activities including; sports, youths integration and entertainments was carried in order to promote peace, integration  and social cohesion among the youths who were very vulnerable for the online radicalization narratives carried by the elements of violent extremism.

The final match of Mogadishu Peace Appearance Tournament (Arm Wrestlin) with finalist from Hiliwa and Weberi district was conducted, Hiliwa district which was represented by an IDP contester won the final arm wrestling match and received $800 cheque award, while his opponent who secured the second position received $400 cheque award. The participants both boys and girls were also given the opportunity to play arm wrestling games among themselves. The Mogadishu Peace Appearance Tournament which was earlier conducted at BRA compound was participated by 17 opponents from 17 districts of Mogadishu, the final arm wrestling match was postponed by UC with a plan to mobilize a high profile government leaders to participate and witness the final peace appearance tournament while also facilitating the awards of the winners, but thanks to Local Voices Project which supported the extraordinary arm wrestling final match through UC by giving awards to the first and second winners of the match. A participatory tag of war rob match for both boys and girls was also conducted for youths from different parts of Mogadishu and IDP camps in order to promote and strengthen youths integration and collaboration.

The participants enjoyed Ajakis presence and his rich comedy thus making the whole place very cheerful with everyone becoming very happy to attend the Safarka Nabadda event. Noor Jimale also delivered a motivational peace building messages and emphasised on the importance of joint collaboration between all youths in building a sustainable peace by becoming agents and ambassadors of peace in their respective communities and neighbourhood.

UC has organized a photo session for participants in group and individual using the Safarka letters and banners; the youths were given the opportunity to use their own smart phones to take the pictures, so they can post on their online Social Medias and spread the peace messages/narratives.

“Youths engagements in positive volunteer activities promotes peace and builds social cohesion