Sports for peace and development

Preventing and countering armed violence, crimes and violent extremism through youths engagements in sports and positive volunteer activities in Mogadishu

Introduction (Summary)

UC has launched an annual Mogadishu Peace Appearance Tournament (arm wrestling) last year 2017 which was a fine example of a moment within time, Mogadishu local youth from 17 districts of Mogadishu capital city participated the tournament with hundreds of spectators and thousands of social media online viewers and followers.

How the 2017 peace appearance tournament (arm wrestling) does impacted the lives of the youth and the people of Mogadishu

  1. Each of the 17 districts in Mogadishu become a supporter and a fun for their respective district competitors thus promoting people’s common happiness outside clan, dialect or community group
  2. It become the best sport entertainment recorded in history in the whole of Somalia for a period more than quarter century
  3. Acted as trauma healing for the youth 00000000
  4. High enrollments of Mogadishu local youth in GYM and body fitness classes to prepare for the 2018 peace appearance tournament (arm wrestling)
  5. Increased youth awareness to inclusive, fair, transparent and democratic access to local youth led sports for peace and development
  6. Promoted individual and a group willingness to adhere to the peace appearance tournament (arm wrestling) code of conduct and by laws thus promoting good governance and mentoring the Mogadishu people to abide to any set of rules that comes with any program to be fully enforced and become successful
  7. One of the competitors from Shibis District has won the Mogadishu Peace Appearance Tournament (arm wrestling) for 2017 and hold the championship title without any single complaints against his 2017 championship title
  8. A band of local musician who entertained the audience with songs after every game session break also won popularity and mobilized a lot of fun and today, they are local celebrity artists

UC short-term goals and achievements (what we serve)

  1. Developed Mogadishu local youth attitudes, knowledge and practices on peace, democracy, human rights, gender equality, good governance and community volunteer works
  2. Laid foundations for public collaboration and team work
  3. Promoted sports for peace and development
  4. Minimized armed violence, crime, drug and substance use through mentoring, advocacy workshops and youth led awareness campaigns to promote and increase youth engagements in civics and volunteer works
  5. Countering violent extremism in Mogadishu by establishing an inclusive platform for networking among the local youth while equipping them with the knowledge and skills they require to play a vital role in restoring security, public safety and as well individual safety for the people of Mogadishu
  6. Erasing the images of prolonged civil war and conflicts through youth led city peace appearance initiatives which its activities encompass city street painting (black and white), zebra crossing lines, city street gardens and greenery, city parks and beaches maintenance

 Our Specific objectives includes

  1. Bring together and connect the Somali local youth in order to reinforce the common interest
  2. Promote ownership, team work, respect and trust among the Mogadishu local youth
  3. Build a hard working and positive Somalia future generations while promoting youth voluntary participations in public works
  4. Countering (answering) to violent extremisms and armed violence through open discussion forums, sport tournaments and true stories
  5. Reviving Mogadishu city appearance and restoring to its position in the competitive global cities and moral standards