Training background:

One (1) days discussion workshop was organized by UC for 25 participants (12 male and 13 female) to discuss on the organizational SWOT of UC, a youth led civil society organization that is required to meet national and international basic organizational standard and the capacities to successfully meet its mandate and civil society obligations.

Objectives of the workshop:

  1. Develop the participants knowledge and skills on how carry organizational SWOT analysis
  2. Support the participants to identify the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and threats facing UC as an active youth led civil society organization
  3. Strengthen UC gender equality, inclusion, participatory and open discussion
  4. Promote democracy through freedom of speech, views, thoughts and inputs from participants
  5. Promote collaborative teamwork, reciprocated values and interests among the participants
  6.  Encourage and promote shared responsibilities to address challenges among the participants

 SWOT workshop methodology

  • Brainstorming
  • Participatory and inclusive discussions
  • Group work
  • Presentation
  • Recommendations

 SWOT workshop targeted Participants 

 25 participants (13 female, 12 male) from Ubaxa Caasimada youth led civil society organization

 SWOT workshop Program

 The workshop was officially opened by the UC Executive Director who gave an overview of the workshop and explained the importance of this workshop in the continuous improvement of UC to fully adopt all the knowledge, skills and expertise required to effectively administer and manage UC led programs and as well have the capacities to mobilize funds from donor organization and build partnerships that is promoted by the ways UC is accountable and focus on its goals

 Workshop content  

 The following topics were discussed during the training sessions: _

  • Definition of organizational SWOT analysis
  • Qualities required from youth led civil society organization and its members
  • Roles and responsibilities of every participant
  • UC organizational SWOT discussion and analysis
  • Classification and importance of organizational policies and procedural manuals
  • Significance of UC to obtain and fully adhere to these policies and procedural manuals

At the end of the workshop every participants have developed understanding on the key and basic principles that is required from UC to become and maintain the moral values and capacities of an effective local youth led civil society organization that possess the credentials to represent, advocate and lobby for their local societies especially the most vulnerable groups of the Mogadishu communities that includes the local youth, women and people with special needs

  • Address any human rights violations and social injustices
  • Affirm the role and responsibilities of being accountable, transparent, and result oriented during project implementation and community volunteer works
  • Strengthen in the precision and the accountability of any project through gender balance and inclusive participation while safeguarding the rights of each and every individual and as well being open to internal and external auditing plans and processes

 Workshop evaluation

At the end of the workshop, workshop evaluation was done so us to know the overall feedback of the workshop content. The participants feedback from the evaluation were

  • The participants felt that the workshop went on well and its content was well presented and understood while the participants acknowledge having leant new things from the workshop.
  • The participants also requested for more workshops.